Finance Minister makes 8 major announcements in Kovid-19 relief package

The legislature has forced a lockdown to investigate the spread of coronavirus malaria covid-19. For individuals facing challenges due to this lockdown, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman today announced an aid bundle.


Finance Minister makes 8 big announcements in the bundle of reducing Kovid-19

The administration has forced a lockdown to investigate the spread of Coronavirus infection Kovid-19. For individuals facing troubles due to this lockdown, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman today announced an aid bundle.

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Account Minister Nirmala Sitharaman reports a bundle bundle for Kovid-19 (Raj of Raj / HT)

Fresh: 26 March 2020 15:52 IST


By HT Correspondent, Hindustan Times, New Delhi

Accounts Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Thursday reported a bundle bundle costing Rs 1.70 lakh crore for various parts, with assistance to handle the coronovirus emergency.

It announced the progress of measures for various divisions, particularly poor people and the helpless, and commended the experts and medical carers involved in the treatment of Kovid-19 patients.

“We reacted within 36 hours of the lockdown announcement,” Sitharaman said.

A part of the eight major announcements made by Sitharaman today under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana Kalyan Yojana is as follows:

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For Farmers: 8.69 crore ranchers will be given profits through direct money driving announcement. Sitharaman said that his share of Rs 2000 would be taken in a seven-day stretch in April 2000


For MGNREGA laborers: The administration today extended wages under the Rs 2000 scheme for every worker in general as an additional salary. This will benefit five crore families.

For Poor Widows / Retired People / Divyang: Announced additional assistance of Rs 1000 for one time exemption. This will be given in two parts through a direct profit move (DBT) in a quarter of a year. This will benefit three crore widows, beneficiaries and Divyang.

Jan Dhan Account holder for women: Rs 500 per month for the following multi-month assistance, with the goal that these women can run their family unit in an emergency. This will benefit 20 crore such women. Cash will be transferred through DBT.

For those who are safe under the Ujjwala scheme: About 8.3 crore BPL families, who were affected by the scheme, will be given three rooms in the next three months.

Self Improvement Assembly for Women (SHG): There are 63 lakh SHGs who take advantage of seven crore family units in the nation. Today’s service of several funds of guarantee-free advances (from Rs 10 lakh to Rs 20 lakh) was reported for SHGs.

For Composite Division Laborers: The Government of India will pay both EPF Controversy – Manager (12%) and Worker (12%) – for the next three months with the goal that none ends due to reduction in EPFO ​​commitment .


This is for every one of the foundations that have 100 employees, and 90 percent of those who pay Rs 15,000 a month.

The subsequent announcement would benefit 80 lakh delegates – allowing non-refundable development of 75 percent of the remaining amount of credit (for potential consumption), to improve the EPFO ​​scheme guidelines. Or three months’ compensation, whichever is less. This will benefit 4.8 crore laborers.

For Development Workers: Development is a government assistance for workers. Sitharaman said today that the central government will guide the state governments to use the Rs 31,000 crore in the shop to defraud laborers against any monetary disturbances. This will benefit 3.5 crore laborers.

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