Ganesh Sharma

Author , Editor & CEO : Ganesh Sharma

Ganesh Sharma is author at Indianheadline and also at Starnews18. He is the founder of Indianheadline and currently Author, Editor and CEO at Indianheadline. He likes to share Gadgets related information and some current news affairs.

Nitesh Kumar Tiwari

Editor , Photographer & Author : Nitesh Kumar Tiwari

Nitesh Kumar Tiwari is Author, Photographer and Editor at INDIAN HEADLINE. He is Also Editor and CEO at Starnews18. Nitesh Kumar Tiwari is student of Indian institute of mass communication New Delhi. Nitesh Tiwari is having professionally hard working experience of more than, 3yrs in news reporting and on news Editing.

Nitesh Kumar Tiwari likes to share Current News Affairs such as Current Political News, Business News, Financial News, Sports News, Educational News and all local news.