BB: Big Twist, Evolved Paras Chhabra, will go to Secret Room?

The big twist is coming in the upcoming episode of Bigg Boss.

Actually, there is talk of Paras Chhabra being out of the Bigg Boss house.

New twist and turn coming in Bigg Boss is getting plenty of entertainment from the audience.

Highvoltage drama will be seen in this week’s Captaincy Task BB Junction. A big twist is on the upcoming episode.

Actually, there is talk of Paras Chhabra ending the journey of Bigg Boss.

From the promos of the show being shown on Thursday, it is being speculated that Paras has become Evict.

However, the video is shown quite missed. Eviction has not been talked about clearly.

But the way Paras is meeting the rest of the family and Shahnaz Gill is crying bitterly, the speculation of Paras’ aviation is fast.

Paras falsified as an operator

In the upcoming episode, it will be shown that Paras Chhabra is rigorously rigging and cheating in the captaincy task. The family strongly opposes Paras.

The friends of Paras themselves tell them not to do so. But Paras does not listen to anyone and takes extreme advantage of the power of the operator. Free Indian virtual number

Will Paras Chhabra go to the secret room

After this, something happens that Bigg Boss announces something with the name of Paras. After hearing the order of Bigg Boss, Paras is seen taking goodbye from the family.

Shahnaz Gil weeps heavily on Paras’s hug. During this, Shahnaz confesses that he is in love with Paras Chhabra.

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Knowing the news of Paras’ aviction, his fans are very disappointed and are eagerly waiting for the episode to be telecast. The Big Boss fanclub claims that Paras has been sent to the secret room.

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