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Jharkhand: State is on alert regarding Corona virus, people from China are under surveillance

Ranchi: Jharkhand Chief Secretary Dr. DK Tiwari said that the state is vigilant about Novel Corona virus and many precautionary important steps have also been taken.

He has said that no people suffering from Corona Virus have been found in the state so far.

Continuous monitoring of six passengers (three from Ranchi and three from Jamshedpur) from China is being monitored daily through the Integrated Disease Surveillance Program of the Health Department and the District Surveillance Unit.

Corona virus has not been confirmed in any after investigation in the lab.

The Chief Secretary was apprised to the Union Cabinet Secretary Rajiv Gauba about the precautionary steps taken by the Corona virus in Jharkhand through video conferencing.

The Union Cabinet Secretary was taking stock of the state’s preparations for the corona virus through video conferencing with all the chief secretaries of the country.

He also instructed to take certain precautionary measures. In his light, advisory has been issued to all the Deputy Commissioners of Jharkhand.

Taking precautionary measures regarding corona virus in Jharkhand, the State Surveillance Unit of the integrated surveillance program under the National Health Mission has been made an active control room 24 hours a day. His contact number is 9955837428.

Along with it, telephone number 0651-2542700 of the isolation control room of RIMS has also been activated.

At the same time, in the light of the advisory received from the Government of India, directions have been sent to all the civil surgeons of the state including the Secretary, Department of Art-Culture, all the Deputy Commissioners, Director Airport Ranchi for prevention and spread of Corona virus.

At the same time, on March 6, some people from Jharkhand are being sent to Delhi for training related to Corona virus prevention and precautionary measures.

After taking training from there, these people will come to Jharkhand and train other people.

Taking precautionary measures regarding the corona virus, all the doctors of RIMS have been workshopmed and made aware.

At the same time, the process is also going on to make all other doctors and health workers aware by conducting a workshop by the surveillance unit.

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