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Home News "Corona is Gone," announces BJP's Bengal Chief at Crowded rally

“Corona is Gone,” announces BJP’s Bengal Chief at Crowded rally

Dilip Ghosh said that Mamata Banerjee was only “flare up” and the transition is imminent and has been put on lockdown for the sole reason of stalling BJP meetings for next year’s race.

New Delhi: There are still a few months to go for elections in Bengal and the state BJP unit has nominated Kovid in his mission against Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s Trinamool Congress. The top BJP chief in Bengal announced in an open meeting on Thursday, “Once the Crown is gone, at one time the nation is on a record high in Kovid affairs. Dilip Ghosh guaranteed that Mamta Banerjee was just” Kalpana “The transition was imminent and the lockdown was to be the sole motivation behind disrupting BJP’s rallies from a year ago.

Dilip Ghosh, Bengal BJP boss Dilip Ghosh said, “Crown Chole Geche (coronavirus is gone). Didimoni (Mamata Banerjee) is only imagining and forcing a lockout so that the BJP does not compose meetings and rallies in the state Can do it. Nobody can stop us. ” A conference in Dhaniyakhali.

India has crossed 45 lakh Kovid cases in 24 hours with 96,551 new diseases and 1,209 passing, a record so far. Bengal has about 2 lakh diseases and over 3,700 routes.

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In his most recent commentary on the Kovid-19 emergency, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday encouraged individuals not to tamper with the Kovid and follow the rules of wearing facial veins and to maintain social expulsion until immunization by researchers.

But a member of his own party seemed to feel less threatened as he addressed a public meeting when other top leaders closed online rallies. The BJP, earlier this year, consistently attacked the state’s ruling Trinamool over the worsening virus crisis in Bengal, stating that it had deliberately underestimated cases and deaths.

BJP national head JP Nadda also targeted Mamata Banerjee yesterday, calling her government “anti-Hindu” to order Kovid’s shutdown on August 5 – the date of the ground breaking ceremony for the Ram temple in Ayodhya. “They did this to prevent people from being part of the occasion at the local level, but at the same time relaxed restrictions for Eid al-Adha on 31 July in the state,” Mr Nadda said.

The BJP chief claimed, “It shows that the policies of the state are motivated by anti-Hindu thinking and appeasement politics. The public should be told (about this),” Our vote percentage is continuously increasing (and). We have to overthrow the Trinamool Congress government in the next election.

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