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Bokaro News: Despite limited resources, the passion for painting made Nisha Dey, the young painter of Chandankiyari special

  • The beautiful mask painting of Maa Durga carved by her is very attractive *
  • Nisha wants to make a career out of her artistic feelings and make it soar *

Chandankiyari: Nesha Dey Paintings When an artist performs his art with true mind and emotion, the art produced by him becomes a vibrant heritage. The Corona disaster brought disasters, but during the months of lockdown, many people imprisoned in the houses not only manifested the hidden artistry through their mind-brain infusions, but also by serving their unique talent in the society, where there was a great reputation. Batori has also made his art precious there.

Limited to his creative and artistic talent – Due to the continuation of his daily practice in processing, the young painter Nisha Dey, resident of Chandankiyari Block Headquarters under the Bokaro district of the state, carved some special and special artwork.

Nisha Dey 2020-21 Pictures From Gks Advertising Media

The young painter Nisha Dey has soaked her imagination of emotions by making many such works which are very attractive and attractive only by pen, paper, pencil and sketch color pen.

The beautiful painting of the mask of Maa Durga created by her with respect to Shardiya Navaratri is enchanting people, giving life to her gentle form. Other paintings made by him are also making people crazy at a glance.

Nisha Dey Paintings : Painting created by Nisha Dey Captured by G.k.s Advertising Media

By displaying the amazing qualities of painting with his painting, young painter Nisha Dey proved that art is not attractive to anyone. Nisha Dey told that she has not taken any type of training in painting.

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Ever since she was in the fifth grade, she continued to practice her passion for painting, and her passion for practice became so engrossed in thinking of doing something new day and night with pen, paper and sketch color pencil.

Nisha Dey Paintings : Painting created by Nisha Dey Captured by G.k.s Advertising Media

She told that she wants to make this hobby of painting her career. Nisha De Chandankiyari hails from the market below. His father Nimai Chandra De runs a grocery shop. Nisha, 19, is currently pursuing her graduation from Swami Sahajanand Saraswati College, located in Chas.

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