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WHO : Lockdown not enough to erase Kovid-19 epidemic


The World Health Organization (WHO) just approached all countries with “purported lockdown measures”, used the opportunity [novel coronovirus infection] to attack and find prevalence, isolate, test, treat Took tremendous measures to do and follow.

Lockdown not enough to erase Kovid-19 epidemic

WHO : The Director General of the World Health Organization (WHO), Tedros Adnom Ghebayeus, said on Wednesday that a lockdown by some countries for the Battle of Kovid-19, would not be enough to wipe out the coronovirus epidemic from the world.

“To slow the spread of Kovid-19, many nations introduced” lockdown “measures. In any case, these measures alone will not lead to an epidemic.

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We all use this opportunity to attack novel coronoviruses. Countries. A second fatalist inauguration, “said Tedros Edholm Ghebayeus in a day by day instructions.

“By requesting that people stay at home and stop population growth, buying time and weighing in on well-being outlines.

Let it be that these measures, alone, will not solve the plagues , “Included Tedros Adnom Gombraeus.

He added: “We contact all the countries that have introduced lockdown measures to use this opportunity to prevent infection. You have made a second fortunate opening, the inquiry is what method you Will you use it? “

Strengthening the proportions of testing and treatment, Tedros Edholm Ghebeyasus stated: “Tremendous measures are not the simplest and quickest way to find, isolate, test, treat and follow beyond extraordinary social and monetary limits, but with At the same time they “give them the most ideal view in the forest.”

The World Health Organization (WHO) in its heyday Coronovirus Sickness (Kovid-19) circumstance report states that the number of individuals affected by novel coronovirus worldwide has crossed 4,14,179, which is over 18,440.

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