Cyclone Nisarga Updates: Maharastra Is Most Affected By This Natural Calamity

The Indian Meteorological Department predicted the cyclone which will hit the west coast. The state most likely to be affected is Maharastra. Currently, the state is fighting with COVID-19 situation but now this cyclone has created a huge impact on the Maharastra Economy.

What is Cyclone?

A Cyclone is a large air mass rotating around a strong center with low atmospheric pressure. Basically, cyclones form when the warm moist air moves upwards from the ocean surface.

When the air moves upwards it creates a thin layer of air that creates a low-pressure area.

This process happens again and again the wind starts spinning around it at a high speed. The cyclone can cause minimal as well as the catastrophic damage according to its type.

The main reason for cyclone formation is said to be the winds coming from the Bay of Bengal.

Generally, the Arabian sea is cooler than the Bay of Bengal. Some of scientists believe that due to climate change the cyclone is occurring and getting stronger day by day.

Effect Of Cyclone Nisarga On Maharastra

The Maharastra state is greatly affected by the Cyclone. Some of the districts face a huge impact due to heavy rainfall and power cut.

Mumbai counts a heavy rainfall of 70mm in some parts. Due to heavy rainfall, the waterlogging problem arises in some parts and the roads are flooded with a lot of water.

According to BMC(Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation), waterlogging occurs at three places but after some time it wears off. There is no change or diversion in the traffic the routes are the same as always.

The residents living in the suburbs of Mumbai said that the BMC did not release any warning regarding the cyclone Nisarga. It all starts with hours of thunderstorm and wind which was blowing at a speed of 120km/hr.

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The post-cyclone damage in Mumbai can be seen as waterlogging in different areas, power interruptions in many areas. Trees were uprooted by the strong cyclonic wind.

Pune was affected by the cyclonic wind as many flights were cancel and delays in landing at them airport.

Some of the flights diverted to the Surat and Hyderabad. The power failure in the Pune region is due to the strong cyclonic winds.

Damages due to the Nisarga Cyclone

In the course of these cyclonic events, the state deals with the loss of life of the people. Also, many regions get heavy rainfall and damage to the properties.

  • The cyclone caused power disruption in four districts Raigad, Palghar, Thane, and Pune. More than 25 Lakhs people are living in dark due to the landfall in Alibaug.
  • The flights divert to different airports and one flight gets canceled due to strong winds.
  • The casualties due to cyclone Nisarga were less in the Pune region. Two men died and three were injured in the rural area of the Pune district.

Effect Of Cyclone Nisarga On Gujarat

According to the Indian Meteorological Department, the effect of the cyclone can be seen in some parts of Gujarat. The areas most likely to be affected are Surat and Ahemdabad region.

Southern districts of Gujarat gets mild rainfall with thunderstorm and strong winds. The effects of the cyclonic wind can be seen in the Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, and Rajasthan. After reaching Madhya Pradesh the winds starts to settle down.

Measures Taken By Maharastra Government

In order to prevent more casualties, the state government calls upon the meeting of District Magistrate. In this meeting, every district DM has the authority to take any measures on order to prevent the casualties. The measures that are taken by the government were

  • The NDRF team will have to work in Nisarga affected areas until the storm is over. NDRF team will search and rescue the people where the cyclone hits the most.
  • The COVID-19 camp is shifted far away from cyclone-prone areas so that people who are quarantine remains safe.
  • BMC has safely evacuated the people who are living in slums near the seashore.
  • At the airports no landing or take off will takes place in Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport until the storm is over.
  • Indian Coast guard makes eight-team which will station at different coastal areas of Dahanu, Mumbai, Murud, Janjira, and Ratnagiri.
  • Electricity repairing is taking place at a different location in order to resume power transfer to the shutdown region.

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