Google Meet: Noise cancellation feature introduced for mobile video calling, it’s really amazing

Google Meet
Google Meet

Now during video calling from mobile, other people will not listen to the noise around you. Let me tell you that Google Meet used from desktop already has noise cancellation feature.

New Delhi: Video calling is always a challenge for people from home to work. The voice of children and pets is interrupted several times in the course of discussions with team members of the office.

Meanwhile, Google has also started noise canceling of its video calling feature Google Meet on mobile phones.

Google has revealed through its official blog that now Google meat noise cancellation feature has also been introduced in mobile phones.

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Now, no one else will hear the noise around you during video calling from mobile. Explain that the Google Meat feature used from the desktop already has a noise cancellation feature.

Experts related to the case say that in the default setting, the Google noise-canceling option remains off.

This feature has to be enabled when a user makes video calling from Google Meet on mobile. You will have to turn this feature on by going into Settings.

Let us know that some time ago, the noise cancellation feature has been included in Google Meet. This feature is not free. The company limited the feature to only users who subscribed to the G-suite.

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