Guru Purnima 2020: जानें कैसे करें पूजा और सूतक से जुड़ी सारी डिटेल्स

Guru Purnima 2020

Guru Purnima 2020 : There is also a lunar eclipse (Guru Poornima) on the full moon of Ashadh month i.e. Guru Poornima 2020.

This is the third consecutive year when the lunar eclipse (lunar planet 2020) is scheduled to take place on Guru Purnima 2020. In 2018 and 2019, lunar eclipse also started on the day of Guru Purnima.

Let me tell you, Guru Purnima has special significance in Hindu belief and Guru Purnima is celebrated every year on the full moon day of Ashadha month.

Actually, in Hinduism, people value their teachers more than God. This is because the Guru gives us knowledge of right and wrong in the world. Because of this, Guru Poornima is particularly recognized in Hinduism.

Actually, according to Hinduism, Maharishi Veda Vyasa was born on the day of Guru Purnima. Because of this, Guru Purnima is also known as Vyasa Purnima.

So let us tell you whether this year lunar eclipse will be seen in India. Also, with eclipse and Guru Purnima being on the same day, how can you worship your gurus, without thinking about the sun.

History of Guru Purnima

Buddhists applaud Guru Purnima for Lord Buddha, who gave his first message on this day. After five weeks of editing under the Bodhi tree, Buddha went from Bodh Gaya to Sarnath, Uttar Pradesh where he taught on the full moon day.

Will lunar obscuration be found in India?

Indeed, as per India, the lunar overshadowing time will begin at 8.37 am on July 5 and after that it will stay in greatest impact at 9.59 am and end at 11.22 am.

This shroud will keep going for around 2 hours 45 minutes. For this situation, because of dawn in India, Indians won’t have the option to see this obscuration and hence there won’t be a sutak period during lunar overshadowing.

Timing of Guru Purnima 2020

Purnima Tithi will begin on July 4, at 11:33 am

Purnima Tithi will conclude on July 5, at 10:13 am

Guru poornima puja technique

In Hinduism, the Gurus have a higher status than God. Man can arrive at God just through Guru. In such a circumstance the masters ought to likewise be revered as a god. So let us reveal to you how you can adore your Guru on Guru Purnima.

  • Get up promptly toward the beginning of the day on Guru Purnima and wear clean garments subsequent to washing up.
  • After this, by laying white material on a post in the sanctuary of the house, make 12-12 lines on it and afterward make Vyas Peeth.
  • After this serenade the mantra “this Gurupannaparasiddhyartham Vyasapujan Karishye”.
  • In the wake of loving his master or his photograph.
  • If the Guru is in front, first wash his feet. Apply tilak to them and offer blossoms.
  • Now eat them.
  • From that point forward, contact the south heading and leave the foot

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