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In the Corona disaster, like a warrior, Ranjan is ready in multipurpose service

Sadar MLA Media Representative honored by PMJKYPPA in the hands of Sadar MLA for outstanding service work

Ranjan Chowdhury, media representative of Hazaribagh Sadar MLA Manish Jaiswal, was honored by Prime Minister Public Welfare Scheme Publicity Campaign’s National Office, Delhi for his outstanding service work in the adverse situation of lockdown during the Corona disaster period.

He has been sent a Digital Honor Letter by PMJKYPPA as Corona Warrior. The letter has the joint signature of National Chief Conservator cum Union Minister of State for Railways, Government of India, Suresh Angri and National President Pusesh Arya of PMJKYPPA.

The letter of honor has praised Ranjan Chaudhary’s selfless service work during the Corona period, inspiring it for others as well as wishing him a happy, healthy, prosperous and successful life for his future.

He was honored by the PMJKYPPA at a special honor ceremony held at Bakshidih in Daru Block on Tuesday at the hands of Sadar MLA Manish Jaiswal and gave his blessings.

After being honored by MLA Shri Jaiswal, Sadar MLA Media Representative Ranjan Chaudhary said that it is only through the service of my ideal Jananeta Sadar MLA Manish Jaiswal that we always get new energy and indomitable power to work. He also said that service works also bring spiritual happiness along with self-satisfaction.

It is worth mentioning that even in this time of crisis, the young face of MLA Media Representative Ranjan Chowdhary on the streets of Hazaribagh city turned out to be an ally and a true companion for the needy and suffering patients, while a letter was written by him in honor of Frontline Corona Warriors.

The column ‘Our Corona Warrior’ succeeded in boosting their morale by encouraging them. For about two months, together with his five friends, he spent his life wandering on the streets of the city and used to reach for livestock and street dogs.

Ranjan Chaudhary Puri joined hands with activism, diligence and perseverance in keeping with his role as a shadow in the order of serviceable works of Janneeta Sadar MLA Manish Jaiswal. At HMCH, he was constantly engaged in providing immediate blood to the needy, victims of road accidents, collision accidents, suicides such as emergency treatment or post-mortem support.

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