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Indian Navy Day 2019: know why Indian Navy Day is celebrated on 4 December?

Why Indian Nevy day is celebrated ?

Indian Navy Day is celebrated every year in the country on 4 December. An important mission was carried out by the Indian Army on this day. Let’s know everything about it …

The Indian Navy played an important role in the Indo-Pak war in 1971.

The Indian Navy had launched Operation Trident and destroyed the Naval Headquarters at Pakistan’s Karachi Airport.

The anti-ship missile was used for the first time in this campaign. Since this operation started on 4 December, Indian Navy Day is celebrated every year on 4 December.

Importance of Indian Navy The Indian Navy plays an important role in protecting the country’s maritime borders.

The Indian Navy also has an important role in strengthening India’s international relations.

Toward this way, the Indian Navy sifts through port visits to different countries, progresses missions propelling energy and besides expands some help with instance of any kind of fiasco in the country.

The Indian Navy is considered the strongest force in South Asia. It has about 67,000 personnel and about 295 naval weapons.

The Indian Navy’s Western Naval Command is headquartered in Mumbai. On this occasion, ships and marines of the Western Command gather together and celebrate this day.

Indian Navy personnel rehearsal in Mumbai on December 1, 2019, before the Navy Day celebrations during which they demonstrate their skills. The rehearsal is done in the Arabian Sea.

The activities and programs to be organized on the Naval Day celebrations are planned by the Indian Naval Command at Visakhapatnam.

It begins with a wreath at the war memorial and. After that the strength and skill of naval submarines, ships, aircraft etc. is demonstrated.

A demonstration is also organized by the Indian Navy on this occasion. During that time, common people can also visit Indian Navy warships and aircraft.

Military photo exhibition is organized by journalists at Arnakulam in Naval Utsav.

The Naval Institute of Aeronautical Technology (NIAT) conducts a community service from 24 to 26 November 2019 at Good Hope Old Age Home, Fort Karachi. Students participate in this and entertain the Navy doctors. Navy Fest also hosts Navy Ball, Navy Queen and some other competitions.

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