The last of the lions in the Bokaro Zoo passed

An 18-year-old lioness died of cardiac arrest at Jawaharlal Nehru Biological (JNB) Park, popularly known as Bokaro Zoo, here on Wednesday morning.

The remains of a dying breed in the zoo known as Rameshwari, were found dead near the stroller route that spread across its territory.

Since 2009, the Bokaro Zoo has passed four lions, including three people and lionesses.

The lioness had no history of disease and the zoo staff were shocked at her demise.

Gautam Chakraborty said, “Last evening we gave him about 8 kg of goat meat, meat other than chicken which he ate. There was no sign of any malfunction.” A JNB officer.

After death was directed to find out the cause of death.

Dr. of the local zoological farming office Mukesh Sinha performed the game after the death of the head of office, BSL (Agriculture and Zoo), Anil Singh, Chakraborty and other employees.

Sinha told The Telegraph Online, “Heartbreaking after the lion’s death is a conceivable explanation for the lioness’ demise. Blood clots were found in its heart. There were no side effects in the different organs.”

In any case, he left behind any side effects of Kovid-19 as there was no release from the nose.

Posthumously, the lion was instigated inside the zoo. Manikant Dhan, the head of the interchange of Bokaro Steel Plant, said, “Kovid had acted in accordance with all Kovid-19 precautionary measures and the standards of the Central Zoo Authority.”

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JNB Park is spread over 126 blocks, which is near and housed by BSL.

Chakraborty said, “Till last night we had seen Rameshwari scorching in the fire that had erupted in our area. We found her food container empty because she had eaten all the meat of the goat given to her the previous evening. Was a marvel.

Rameshwari was conceived in 2002 at the Maitri Bagh Zoo in Bhilai, Chhattisgarh.

The lioness was taken to the Bokaro Zoo in December 2008 with a male companion, in return for a prohorn and dark bucks. The male partner probably died in 2009.

In any case, there were two successive male lions brought from Maharashtra in 2007 that preceded the lioness’ appearance.

Several types of insurance have been provided to shield the zoo creatures from Kovid-19.

The zoo is incidentally closed to guests, yet staff are constantly watching the creatures.

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