Mukhiya Biren Rajwar told about Village circumstances

Mukhiya Biren Rajwar

Mukhiya Biren Rajwar Says Indianheadline About Village Circumstances And How The VIillage Condition Has Been Progressing.


  • Biren Rajwar Says about the Condition of Kusumkiyari Panchayat
  • Biren Rajwar Tweeted Hemant Soren
  • Biren Rajwar worked for the development of panchayat

Bokaro : Under Chandankiyari block Mukhiya Biren Rajwar in kusumkiyari panchayat speak about the development of village and improvements in people condition also, how he is improving village condition in various ways.

Viren Rajwar said that for those who are migrant laborers of our village, we have to make job cards to those people if they would have job cards then, they will be able to work properly in panchayat

He also says in interview that with the help of Jharkhand government he rescue many people from outside which were trapped due to Covid-19. He also provided many useful facility and with the help of available facility they finally visited there residents with full doctor checkups.

Mukhiya Biren Rajwar also says about the work and development of the Ponds which are completing. Total 22 ponds were completed in kusumkiyari Panchayat.

He says people of his panchayat are getting the benefit of Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana. Which is getting 1,48,000 in the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana. At the same time, the Mukhiya Biren Rajwar said that the laborers are working under MNREGA.

Mukhiya Biren Rajwar with Our co-exicutive starnews18

He says that the labour are not getting wages in the right way. Mukhiya Biren Rajwar said that he had tweeted this complaint by tweeting the complaint to his state Chief Minister Hemant Soren. But there is no hearing.

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Also, Ajit Singh, a resident of the village, says that the head of our panchayat also gives money from his pocket when we do not get the wages of from govt, as well as Ajit Singh says that we cannot even burn the stove in our house likewise government has to do something for our wages.

We are daily laborers of kusumkiyari. We get wages for working every day, then we burn the stove in our house, then our family is nourished by that, as well as the chief Viren Rajwar says that there was a lot of water problem in our panchayat.

But, he completed development of 42 handpumps for the people which we have in our panchayat. “The Chapakalas have been installed, now the problem of water in our panchayat has been overcome Now people are happy”.

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