OMCs Cut Diesel and Petrol Price

OMCs Cut Diesel and Petrol Price by over Rs 5 a litre each since the beginning of this year

Diesel and Petrol Price:- State-possessed oil marketing companies (OMCs) have marked down the costs of delicate oil based goods, for example, oil and diesel by 30 paise and 25 paise a liter separately across significant urban communities as the cost of global raw petroleum fell.


The 6th sequential cut in petroleum and diesel costs comes after the OMCs marked down the cost of oil and diesel costs by quarter of a rupee on Monday and are probably going to keep up the declining pattern this week.

The costs of petroleum and diesel have descended by over ₹5 a liter each since the start of this current year.

CityPrice of petrol per litrePrice of diesel per litre

The costs of oil and diesel are probably going to descend further in the coming a long time as India follows the month to month normal estimating of benchmark raw petroleum.

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Specialists see the Brent raw petroleum value fall as a gift for the macroeconomy as India imports over 83% of its necessities.


Portions of state-claimed oil promoting organizations (OMCs) flooded on falling unrefined petroleum costs.

Portions of HPCL increased 6.17% to close at ₹213.25, BPCL shares shut everything down at ₹423.80 in a powerless Mumbai showcase on Monday. Indian Oil Corporation (IOCL) shares shut down 1.34% at ₹99.45. The market was shut on Tuesday by virtue of Holi.



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