NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday said that the recently presented Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) is intended to offer asylum to the mistreated outcasts and propelled a web-based social networking effort on the side of the new enactment.


Prior, BJP had likewise propelled an internet based life crusade to “bust fantasies” encompassing the new law.

The Prime Minister, in a tweet, attested that the CAA doesn’t remove anybody’s citizenship. “#IndiaSupportsCAA in light of the fact that CAA is tied in with offering citizenship to mistreated exiles and not tied in with removing anybody’s citizenship. Look at this hashtag in Your Voice segment of Volunteer module on NaMo App for content, illustrations, recordings and more. Offer and show your help for CAA,” he tweeted.

It likewise requested that individuals share substance, designs and recordings from the PM’s NaMo application to show their help for the law, which has activated fights in various pieces of the nation.

The Prime Minister likewise tweeted a video of the Sadhguru saying “do hear this clear clarification of viewpoints identifying with CAA”.


“Do hear this clear clarification of angles identifying with CAA and more by @SadhguruJV. He gives verifiable setting, splendidly features our way of life of fraternity. He additionally gets out the falsehood by personal stake gatherings. #IndiaSupportsCAA,” the PM tweeted from his official handle

Prior today, the BJP likewise propelled a web based life crusade, “Spread Facts Not Myth”, on the side of the Citizenship Act and in a progression of tweets, the gathering has tended to different issues identified with the new enactment.

In its tweet, the gathering explained that the new enactment doesn’t change the current legitimate arrangements which offer citizenship to remote occupants.

It additionally rejected hypotheses that the CAA weakens the 1985 Assam Accord, which plans to ensure the Assamese culture, monetary and political rights.


It further included that the etymological, social and social personality of the individuals of upper east isn’t under a danger.

“No arrangement of Article 371 would be abused,” the gathering tweeted.

The gathering said that regions remembered for the Inner Line Permit have been prohibited from the domain of the CAA. The gathering additionally included that the Act will guarantee that solitary certifiable individuals who have confronted mistreatment, and not “gatecrashers”, will be given citizenship under the new law.

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