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Rudra Sena Meeting held in Chandankaryari for social welfare

In Chandankaryari district under Bokaro, on Sunday, October 11, Rudra Sena was formed at 11:00 pm at Chandankyari +2 High School.

In the presentation of Bittu Kumar (District President) and Vikas Modak (District General Secretary), the following block level posts were appointed. Other posts were also expanded by appointing Vijay Paswan to the post of Block President of Rudra Sena.

Rudra Sena District President Kumar Bittu along with General Secretary Bikas Modak, Secretary Kuldeep Thakur, Sanjoyak Rocky Shekhar Rajput and others were present on the occasion.

In the presentation, the district president and general secretary gave the message to the youth that by giving their contribution to the Rudra army, we will contribute to the welfare of people by contributing to social welfare.

In this formation, people from different parts like Chandankari, Amalabad, got their posts appointed in this organization.

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At the same time, we will do everything possible to overcome the various difficulties and sufferings faced by the people. Increasing the feelings of confidence among the people, the Bittu Kumar district president also said that he will subscribe to this formation in other parts under Bokaro on October 18. .

Crime reporter Ganesh Sharma with cameraman Sapan, Star News 18.

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