• WhatsApp has teamed up with the Ministry of Health and MyGov for coronovirus ready assistance in India.
  • Coronavirus and Kovid-19 alarm administration is accessible at 9013151515.
  • To utilize it clients should send Namaste or Hi to this number from WhatsApp.

WHO declared a worldwide coronavirus and Covid-19 alarm administration through the talk application, WhatsApp has turned out with India-explicit variant of a similar help.

In India, the most recent and authority cautions on Covid-19 and coronavirus will be accessible through telephone number 9013151515. The administration is going to run 24 hours per day and 7 days every week.

WhatsApp ready help on Coronavirus will give Indians accurate data about infection and disease Kovid-19 that causes it. Investigation has shown that customers will get applicable data.

To use WhatsApp alerts for Coronavirus in India, here is what you should do:

  – Save 9013151515 on your phone.

  – Send a message from WhatsApp to this number and say hello or hello.


  – This will start a talk and you will have the option to do an investigation. What are the expressions like Kovid-19?

India’s IT service Ravi Shankar Prasad said that data provided through WhatsApp would be valid.

Currently get correct data about #CoronaOutbreakIndia via WhatsApp. Spare 9013151515 on your telephone as MyGov Corona Helpdesk.

Send Namaste or Hi to this number from your WhatsApp. Follow the menu guidelines to get the data, he said.

There are many bits of gossip and a lot of lies that surround Coronavirus and Kovid-19. This issue is particularly widespread in India, despite the fact that it is not constrained to India.

This is why WhatsApp announced comparative help with worldwide reach. In this way the administration can be used by Indians by making an impression on +41 79 893 1892.


When the journey has been started, WhatsApp said, customers will either be encouraged to type in an inquiry or browse a rundown of as many potential inquiries as possible.

According to the inquiry, customers would get the data checked in the form of video, infographic or content, a WhatsApp representative said.

Currently India has more than 300 manifest instances of Kovid-19 and it is common that cases will come up later. As epidemics spread around the world, there has been a large exchange of deception through applications such as WhatsApp.

Countless cases about coronovirus and epidemics have no basis in science or are not really accurate.

Other technical stages, such as WhatsApp, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook, have experienced harsh criticism for not being required to investigate fake news around Kovid-19 and Coronavirus.