Sunil Dutt: When Sunil DUTT Drowned In Debt, His Condition Was Very Bad

Sunil dutt

There came a time in Sunil Dutt’s life when he had to mortgage his house.

New Delhi: Today is Sunil Dutt’s birthday. He was born on 6 June 1929 in Ghulam India. Sunil Dutt is still remembered for his performance, but his journey was not so easy, he had to struggle long to become an actor.

He began his career as a radio jockey by interviewing film stars on Radio Ceylon. Sunil Dutt was the first actor in the Hindi cinema world to play the role of an ‘anti hero’ in real sense and set it up.

Sunil started his film career in the year 1955 with the film ‘Railway Platform’.

There came a time in Sunil Dutt’s life when he had to mortgage his house. It is a matter of time when Sanjay Dutt was 12 years old and came from his boarding school Sanawar on holiday.

Meanwhile, he came on the sets of his father Milne’s film Reshma and Shera. During that time there was a qawwali going on the set. Then Sunil Dutt made Sanjay sit in that qawwali.

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So Sanjay truly got his first break from here, but the film audience did not like it, while the film critics praised the film.

In an interview, Sunil Dutt said that he had lost Rs 60 lakh due to the film.

Actually, Sukhdev was directing this film earlier, but he had an argument with Sunil about a scene in the film and later Sunil took full command of the film.

The cost of the film is said to have increased by 100 times due to the re-shoot.

By the way, even though people did not like this film, the music of this film was appreciated and music composer Jaydev also got the National Award, for which he considered Sanjay as his lucky charm, but for father Sunil Dutt, this film was the best in his career. There was a big loss. had come.

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